Beautiful Shadows

Beautiful Shadows is a new theatre company with a focus on creating work with thought-provoking, occasionally darker overtones.


Tangible things

arena theatre, wolverhampton

6th-7th june 2014


Sam has a house, a fiancée and job security; everything he should want. But Sam has never changed a car tyre, or fitted a plug socket, or painted a room. Looking at a modern life where all he produces is electronic he comes to see that he is not content.

Increasingly conscious of the things he has never done, does not even know if he can do, Sam decides he has to make something. The project consumes him, and finally he must decide what he is really trying to prove, and who he is trying to prove it to...

Tangible Things is a new play by Matt Beames, directed by Neil Reading, and explores a man's desire for a physical achievement in an increasingly electronic age.

This play was produced by the Arena Theatre as part of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Wolverhampton